Monthly Archives: September 2016

Yes I did slow down on my spending

Hi All Thank you for your caring advice. Yes I did slow down on my spending here and there and also cut down on my food by baking and making more things at home. It helped, I pay minimum payments. However, I from time to time go to Thrift store to buy my son cloths… Read More »

Everyone wants their money

Yes, everyone wants their money, however, some have leverage to get it and some don’t. I am not a lawyer, but if you are buying the house through a standard mortgage arrangement, most states will consider it off limits of unsecured creditors. (It’s your homestead.) This means that if you continue to pay the mortgage… Read More »

I would advise both of you

I would advise both of you to stay away from debt SETTLEMENT companies. Look in your phone book for the local branch of CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Services) Many times they are not for profit and can get you started in the right direction. Since I don’t know your locations, here’s a link for the… Read More »