Monthly Archives: October 2016

More ideas on lowering bills

1. List out your debts from smallest to largest. 2. Pay only the minimum on all except the smallest; apply any “extra” funds to the smallest debt until paid off. 3. Once paid off; take the money you were applying monthly to the first debt and start applying it to the next in line. 4.… Read More »

A few months ago my husband and I

A few months ago my husband and I wrote down EVERY PENNY WE SPENT and where we spent it for 30 days. What an eye-opener! The amount of money spent on sodas, cups of coffee, bagels, lunch and snacks bought at convenience stores was staggering! We have since adjusted our spending in the areas we… Read More »

When you use a debt service

Keep in mind too that when you use a debt service, though they help you pay your bills off, it will still reflect negatively on your credit as “not paying as originally agreed” type of a thing. I would just say work as hard as you can to pay them down on your own before… Read More »