A few months ago my husband and I

By | October 10, 2016

A few months ago my husband and I wrote down EVERY PENNY WE SPENT and where we spent it for 30 days. What an eye-opener! The amount of money spent on sodas, cups of coffee, bagels, lunch and snacks bought at convenience stores was staggering! We have since adjusted our spending in the areas we can control and were amazed at what we actually had to pay toward SAVINGS ( a word I remembered hearing once. long ago ) and also toward debt. We’ve also started debt-stacking in order to get out of debt quicker. The keys are discipline (a word I hate) and delayed gratification (another one). Unfortunately, our society and culture don’t teach or value either of these.

I would suggest the 30-day log of ALL your spending as a start and see where you can go from there.