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My modern day servants

Hi all, I was meditating on the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible and how she got so much accomplished in her life. I then realized that she had help in the form of servants and that got me to thinking about the “modern day” servants that I have in my home (other than the… Read More »

I started working the day after I turned 16

I interviewed before the date just so I could get a job asap. I worked in the kitchen of a hospital. I only worked 3-4 days a week and the hours were 4-7:30 on the weekdays and an 8 hour day on the weekend. I kept that job all through college. It paid great compared… Read More »

I saw you got a lot of responses and good advice

I saw you got a lot of responses and good advice. Once thing I didn’t hear anyone mention is the ‘B’ word, that being Bankruptcy. I’ve never declared bankruptcy, BUT… I know people that have, as does my fiance. One person I work with declared, and was able to get credit for a car only… Read More »

I have heard about doing it this way

I have heard about doing it this way and I have a question. What happens if you get a new bill, let’s say a dr.’s bill, and it’s smaller than the one you’re currently working on? Do you stop making extra payments to the one you re currently working on and start at the bottom… Read More »

More ideas on lowering bills

1. List out your debts from smallest to largest. 2. Pay only the minimum on all except the smallest; apply any “extra” funds to the smallest debt until paid off. 3. Once paid off; take the money you were applying monthly to the first debt and start applying it to the next in line. 4.… Read More »

A few months ago my husband and I

A few months ago my husband and I wrote down EVERY PENNY WE SPENT and where we spent it for 30 days. What an eye-opener! The amount of money spent on sodas, cups of coffee, bagels, lunch and snacks bought at convenience stores was staggering! We have since adjusted our spending in the areas we… Read More »

When you use a debt service

Keep in mind too that when you use a debt service, though they help you pay your bills off, it will still reflect negatively on your credit as “not paying as originally agreed” type of a thing. I would just say work as hard as you can to pay them down on your own before… Read More »

Yes I did slow down on my spending

Hi All Thank you for your caring advice. Yes I did slow down on my spending here and there and also cut down on my food by baking and making more things at home. It helped, I pay minimum payments. However, I from time to time go to Thrift store to buy my son cloths… Read More »

Everyone wants their money

Yes, everyone wants their money, however, some have leverage to get it and some don’t. I am not a lawyer, but if you are buying the house through a standard mortgage arrangement, most states will consider it off limits of unsecured creditors. (It’s your homestead.) This means that if you continue to pay the mortgage… Read More »

I would advise both of you

I would advise both of you to stay away from debt SETTLEMENT companies. Look in your phone book for the local branch of CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Services) Many times they are not for profit and can get you started in the right direction. Since I don’t know your locations, here’s a link for the… Read More »

I am in debt to the stars

I made a decission to move into a house that my father owned in January and it doubled the cost of mortgage. It is in my parents and my name. Me and my boyfriend are struggling very bad and need to get caught up on past due bills. Some are medical bills for me when… Read More »

It doesn’t hurt to try

But remember, any promise you make, any payment you make, extends the Statute of Limitations on the debt. As an example, NY has a 6 year Statute. So if several years have passed and you made no promise, no payments, then you make a payment, instead of having 4 years left on the statute for… Read More »

I will try to address some of your questions

The first thing you need to realize is that laws are not the same through all the states. Some states have a 6 year statute of limitations on debt collection, other states only have a 2 year statute. Bankruptcy laws, although Federal Statutes, are also subject to change by each state. In some states you… Read More »

Here are my questions

1. What would you recommend I do? 2. How likely is it that either the credit card companies or the collection agencies would sue me? The amounts I owe range from $2500 to $31,000. 3. Is it true that court judgments go on your credit report for up to 20 years and that they accrue… Read More »

I would really appreciate any advice

I would really appreciate any advice people can offer on the following problem. I have $60,000 in credit card debt spread over 7 credit cards. My monthly payments total about $1000. My income places me below the poverty level, and for medical reasons I am not able to work full-time. I am supporting myself at… Read More »

At the risk of being criticized

Well, at the risk of being criticized, I will offer my humble opinion on the matter – if the job is low stress, you enjoy it, and ONLY 2 days a month, and you do not notice it affecting your family adversely, I would go for it!! You can do a lot with $350a month,… Read More »

New intro – nice to meet all of you

Hi all, I too am from the old blog. I was on vacation for most of the summer and then I just went on quiet mode for the last few weeks. I have enjoyed reading from this blog though. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Carrie from Calif. I am a mom of 4 girls… Read More »