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I started working the day after I turned 16

I interviewed before the date just so I could get a job asap. I worked in the kitchen of a hospital. I only worked 3-4 days a week and the hours were 4-7:30 on the weekdays and an 8 hour day on the weekend. I kept that job all through college. It paid great compared… Read More »

I started working when i was 15

I think it was good for me I was very shy it took me out of my shell and I made friends at that job I am still friends with 22 years later !! I don’t think i suddenly felt I was grown up – I think that can happen no matter whether your kids… Read More »

At the risk of being criticized

Well, at the risk of being criticized, I will offer my humble opinion on the matter – if the job is low stress, you enjoy it, and ONLY 2 days a month, and you do not notice it affecting your family adversely, I would go for it!! You can do a lot with $350a month,… Read More »