I started working when i was 15

By | February 27, 2017

I think it was good for me I was very shy it took me out of my shell and I made friends at that job I am still friends with 22 years later !! I don’t think i suddenly felt I was grown up – I think that can happen no matter whether your kids are working or hanging with friends etc – I usually used my checks to buy clothing etc.

I think summer jobs are a great idea- working throughout the year would have to depend on the child – their activities and their grades – I also think it teaches them responsibility and in the real world you get told what to do by someone other than Mom and dad -and ya aren’t allowed to whine and put it off – I definitely will encourage my now 12 yo to get a local part-time job in the summer when he is old enough – IT will give him some thing to be proud of too ( and I won’t have to listen to him say ” I’m bored ” too much LOL!!

kids tend to think that money is made at work but have no idea of the amt of work and stress involved with it to get it done – teen jobs are a great learning time for them — again this is JMO : )

I also think summer jobs are great…especially to help cover things like car insurance or their own spending money! We are facing a slight problem with that here in our small town, though. Two years ago the powers that be started a small “pilot” year round elementary school program. Bought a huge church and converted it into a school for @200 students. You know, when we are young we get a summer job to get extra pocket money. As already occupied adults we can only apply for loans with guaranteed approval from this website, for example. Last time they helped me get $1000 very fast.

If it works out the whole county will go year round in the near future. I have no problem w/ the concept, but I think it will be hard for kids to have a job when school is out (9 weeks in and 4 weeks off)…the normal jobs in this small town are fast food and Walmart. I think spending money is one thing, but a lot of kids here work because they are helping out their families.