My modern day servants

By | March 27, 2017

Hi all, I was meditating on the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible and how she got so much accomplished in her life. I then realized that she had help in the form of servants and that got me to thinking about the “modern day” servants that I have in my home (other than the kids that is LOL!) that help me to save money and get alot done.

Other than my washer and dryer (that I rarely use when the weather is nice) and my swamp cooler (kind of like an air conditioner and a God send to me since I do not do heat well), I have found that my kitchen is the area where most of my “servants” reside.

I bought a Oster Kitchen center about 8 years ago and love it! I use the slicer/shredder attachment to do cheese, zuchinni, potatos, carrots, etc.. I can get them all shredded and either use them right away of freeze them for future use. I also love the small food processor which allows me to make quick dips, meat spreads and minch vegies up fine. The blender is in constant use this time of year pureeing up raspberries and making slushies for the kids and frappachinnos for my husband and I (using the leftover coffee from the morning pot, some ice cubes and some homemade hot chocolate mix). I also use the mixer attachment for making cakes and small batches of cookies. For the larger batches of cookies and bread making I invested in a heavy duty KitchenAid stand mixer.

The motor on it is much more powerful and I was afraid that I would burn out the motor on the Oster with my 12 loaves of bread a week. I am able to get 2 batches of bread mixed and ready to rise (4 loaves total) in about 10 minutes with the KitchenAid. I had read a book by Jackie Wellwood called “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Simple Living” and she talked about investing in tools to help you save money and time and also live a more healthy lifestyle. It really struck home with me as she is a busy Mom of many children and homeschools all of them, so she needs to stretch her resources to the fullest (I can relate to her). I have also got the grinder attachment, but have yet to use it (I got it free as part of a Mother’s Day promotion about 3 years ago). Next on my list are my crockpots! They are true workhorses and are used constantly. I have 2 of them. One is smaller and one is huge!

The smaller one does not have a lift out pot in it, so I do not use it as much as the larger one. I start lunch or dinner in the crockpot and it is ready when we are. It is nice to know that I can have a hot meal waiting for us at almost any time with it’s help. I also simmer chicken pieces in it and sue the broth for soup and the meat in other recipes. I have other appliances that I enjoy also like the microwave and my rice cooker (I have a huge one and we use it about twice a week, we are big rice eaters, must be the oriental influence of growing up in Hawaii on me Ü), and also our air pop popcorn maker. Oh, I can’t forget the big Brita water filter either. I hate the taste of the tap water here and I find if I do not filter it, it upsets my stomach.

There are a few items that I use on a seasonal basis that also help lighten my load. They are my food dehydrator, my cherry pitter (a plung type that funnels the cherries down to be pitted) and outside for the yard, my lawnmower! LOL! Life is made much easier with thse modern day servants!

So come on now, what are your favorites?????